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Water curtains

Air curtain Ballu BHC-H20W45-PS


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Additional Features

Electrical supply 1 φ / 230 V/ 50 Hz
Maximum capacity 40 kW
Heater Water
Maximum energy consumption 350 W
Dimensions 300 x 1960 x 290 mm
Weight 43 kg

The Ballu air curtain BHC-H20W45-PS is a thermal water curtain of the PS (HW) series. Ballu PS air curtains are the most powerful devices in the Ballu high-pressure curtain line, which are very efficient and successfully used for effective protection of openings up to 4.5 meters high.

High-performance rotors from German company Punker guarantee stable operation of the equipment for 10 years. Unrivalled reliability is ensured by the use of energy-efficient external rotor motors with extended service life and heat exchanger from one of the leading European companies withstanding pressure up to 16 atm. at brine temperature up to 150°C.

An integrated nozzle creates a continuous airflow along the entire length of the air curtain, ensuring reliable closing of the opening.

Ballu water curtains can significantly reduce heat loss through open doors and openings and provide efficient local heating. High thermal power water heat curtains do not cause load on the energy network of the building.