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Wall mounted

Wall mounted air conditioner LG Artcool Gallery A12FR


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Additional Features

Electrical supply 1 φ / 220-240 V/ 50 Hz
Refrigerant R32
Capacity cooling 3,5 kW
SCOP 3,8
Capacity heating 3,5 kW
SEER 5,3
Cooling - energy efficiency class A
Heating - energy efficiency class A
Cooling - working range -10~48 °C
Heating - working range -10~24 °C
Pipe size liquid/gas 6,35/9,52 mm

Wall air conditioner LG Artcool Gallery A12FR has been awarded for its unique design by International Forum Design, Reddot Design and G Mark. Designed to match the appearance of the device to the individual needs of the user while maintaining high quality and functionality of the air conditioner.

Dedicated application LG Wi-Fi Thinq allows you to control and control the supply of air vertically and horizontally, which gives increased comfort of use of the air conditioner tailored to individual needs. In addition, you can get real-time information about the operating mode, power consumption and error messages that can be quickly and efficiently resolved.

LG air conditioners focus on the automatic cleaning function of the indoor unit to prevent the build-up of bacteria and harmful mould particles. The double protective filter first attracts and collects dust particles over 10 µm. The built-in filter has been specially designed to allow the user to clean himself.

Key features of the wall air conditioner LG Artcool Gallery A12FR:

  • intelligent diagnostics,
  • active control of energy consumption,
  • double protection filter,
  • automatic cleaning,
  • strong cooling,
  • 3-way air supply,
  • efficient heating,
  • gold FinTM coating.

Included in the set:

  • internal unit,
  • an external unit,
  • ...the pilot.