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Wall mounted air conditioner Skyworth Delfin SMVH09B-2B2A3NH


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Additional Features

Electrical supply 1 φ / 220-240 V/ 50 Hz
Refrigerant R32
Capacity cooling 2,5 kW
SCOP 4,00
Capacity heating 2.8 kW
SEER 6,10
Cooling - energy efficiency class A++
Heating - energy efficiency class A+
Cooling - working range -15~48 °C
Heating - working range -25~24 °C
Pipe size liquid/gas 6,35/9,52 mm

The Skyworth Delfin SMVH09B-2B2A3NH wall-mounted air conditioner has a built-in high technology compressor that provides efficient cooling and heating under harsh outdoor conditions. The Delfin series devices ensure efficient work in heating mode up to -25 °C.


The ion generator Cold Plasma and the Intense Field Dielectric module are installed to eliminate dust particles and ensure the highest indoor air quality. The ionizer uses high voltage to ionize the air molecules, thus completely eliminating bacteria from the exhaust air.

Ionize the air molecules

Innovative I-Feel monitoring technology allows you to check the ambient temperature in the position where the remote control is located. This allows the customer to adjust the room conditions according to their needs. 

The Skyworth wall air conditioner is equipped with an infinitely variable fan. It allows the fan speed to run smoothly by adjusting the appropriate speed level of the DC Inverter fan.

The Delfin series allows you to use the Wi-Fi option ensuring the comfort of controlling the air conditioner with your smartphone.

The most important functions of the Skyworth Delfin SMVH09B-2B2A3NH wall air conditioner:

  • Heating range -25°C,
  • Cold Plasma ion generator,
  • I-Feel temperature monitoring technology,
  • Infinitely variable fan,
  • Wi-Fi control,
  • Sleep Mode,
  • Self-diagnosis,
  • Child lock,
  • Reminder for cleaning the filter.