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PVC glued systems

1/2" PVC pipe PN15 310057 3mb USTM


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Wall thickness1,7 mm
Length3 mb
External diameter1/2"

PVC pipes PN15 USTM are suitable for hot and cold water installations, meet the requirements and needs of investors, contractors and users. They are characterized by very high resistance to pressure and hydraulic shocks.They have hygienic certificates of the National Institute of Hygiene, i.e. they can be used for drinking water. The chemical resistance makes it possible to transfer not only water but also many other liquids, e.g. alcohols, fruit juices, milk, edible oils and several hundred chemical compounds. They are also used for air conditioning systems as a condensate drain. For this reason, USTM systems are successfully used in industrial plants. Pipes made of poly(vinyl chloride).