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Cooper Hunter Arctic - air conditioner for hard conditions - 

Arctic Inverter Cooper Hunter Wall Air Conditioner  

The Arctic series of air conditioners is designed to keep you comfortable at any time of the year.
Arctic wall-mounted air conditioners can cope with low outdoor temperatures down to -25°C, thanks to the built-in drip tray heater and crankcase heater. If necessary, the unit defrosts itself, thus increasing the heating efficiency and saving energy. The hot start function allows the indoor unit to start when the temperature is high enough.

In summer the air conditioner will effectively cool the room thanks to the stable and smooth running of the compressor at very low frequencies. The louvers in the wall unit move vertically for even air and temperature distribution in the room.

Cooper & Hunter Arctic 3.5kW Air Conditioner

If you're thinking about what type of air conditioning unit to use in your home or business, check out the Cooper Hunter Arctic - with a capacity of 3.5kW, the unit can easily be used in a room with a volume of about 85m3. The air conditioner has a WiFi function and maintains the temperature at 8 degrees Celsius.

Easy to use, thanks to the built-in functions of the controller.

I FEEL function with the sensor installed in the remote control senses the ambient temperature and sends a signal to the indoor unit to control and adjust the airflow and temperature. With a wide range of fan speeds, the unit can adjust its speed to suit current needs and conditions.

Can an air conditioner also take care of our health? Of course, especially one that is equipped with additional filters and air ionizer. Air ionization in Arctic series takes place when air is blown out by the indoor unit. Microbes in the environment are completely eliminated, thanks to the ion particles emitted.

Arctic Inverter wall air conditioner is also ideal for the bedroom. There is an option to turn on the night mode, which allows you to significantly reduce the noise level of the unit and ensure a peaceful sleep, thanks to reduced fan speed.

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