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Wall air conditioner Heiko / Haier JS052-B1/JZ052-B1


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Additional Features

Capacity cooling3,6 kW
Capacity heating6,0 kW
Electrical supply1 φ / 230 V/ 50 Hz
Cooling - energy efficiency classA++
Cooling - working range-15~43 °C
Heating - working range-25~24 °C
Pipe size liquid/gas6.35/12.7 mm

Wall air conditioner HEIKO JS052-B1/JZ052-B1 - produced in Haier factory -uses an innovative technique of air flow control. During cooling, the air stream is directed up and down during heating. This allows the airflow to spread evenly and avoids uncomfortable, direct airflow to humans

The air conditioner operates in a special mute mode, which allowed to reduce the noise level to 20dB. The energy consumption has also been reduced, thus maintaining a high level of efficiency and reducing the negative impact on the environment

The most important functions of the HEIKO JS052-B1/JZ052-B1 wall air conditioner:

  • smart airflow,
  • a comfortable sleep,
  • easy and quick engine repair,
  • 2-way pipe construction.

Included in the set:

  • internal unit,
  • an external unit,
  • ...the pilot.
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