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Propylene glycol GLIKEN EKO -15°C - 1000l View larger


Propylene glycol GLIKEN EKO -15°C - 1000l


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Additional Features

Capacity 1000 l
Freezing temperature -15 °C
Color green

Liquid for the installation GLIKEN EKO -15°C in a pallet container 1000l - commonly known as Ergolid EKO is a low-freezing liquid produced on the basis of propylene glycol. It is designed for use in heating, solar, refrigeration, air-conditioning, heat pumps and anti-freeze systems. It can be used as a heating or cooling medium in industrial installations. Does not threaten life or the environment.

The product has PZH (Polish National Institute of Hygiene) certificate.

Capacity 1000l.

Pallet container included in the price.