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Dehumidifier Ballu BDM-30L


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Additional Features

Power 540 m³/h
Sound power level 45 dB
Recommended room area 42 m²

Dehumidifier Ballu BDM-30L is presented in a white and silver casing, and its classic design is combined with any interior. The power of the model is 540 m³/h, which allows to accumulate up to 30 liters of moisture per day. With a capacity of 30 l / day and a power of 540 W, the model has a high energy efficiency class. With a built-in clock to turn it on and off, the device can be operated when everyone in the home is at home.five - using electricity at the economic "night rate". In this case, the operating sound is only 45 dB (A), which means that it will not disturb the sleep of the owners.

The model is comfortable to use and its streamlined shape without sharp corners makes it safe for children.

Thanks to the built-in on/off clock, the device can operate while everyone is sleeping in the house - using electricity at an economical "night rate". In night mode, the operating sound is only 45 dB (A), which means that it will not disturb your family's sleep.

A prolonged stay in the room of positively ionized air causes weakness, fatigue, reduced physical performance and mental resilience in people. The air ionization function of the Ballu dehumidifier produces negative ions that ensure healthy air in the environment. The dehumidifier is also equipped with a special capsule for aromatic oils, which enables aromatherapy and creating an individual interior climate.

The Ballu dehumidifier is designed to work in private spaces. The dehumidifier handles a variety of tasks, such as:

  • dries clothes,
  • removes excess moisture from the room,
  • restores the optimum humidity level,
  • has aromatisation, ionisation and air purification.


To avoid water leaks and noisy operation, place the unit on a flat surface. For better operation, leave a clearance (min. 20 cm) in front of the air inlet and outlet.

Recommendations for care of the device

Dust can accumulate on the air inlet and outlet grilles, so clean the unit regularly. Use a soft cotton cloth dampened with warm soapy water for cleaning. To avoid damage to the dehumidifier and electric shock, do not pour water over the device.

If the air filter is contaminated with dust, the airflow will decrease and the performance of the unit will decrease. It is recommended to check and clean the filters every 2 weeks.


Main features of the Ballu dryer:

  • quickly dries clothes and dries the air,
  • saves electricity - 3 times more economical than conventional solutions,
  • purifies and ionizes the air,
  • fills the house with a pleasant scent thanks to an aromatherapy capsule,
  • prevents mould,
  • is equipped with an automatic restart function and protection against water leakage,
  • safe for children,
  • takes up very little space,
  • quiet operation,
  • equipped with a clock and automatic operation mode.




1. Device housing.

2. Air intake.

3. Air outlet.

4. Adjustable blinds.

5. Control panel.

5.1 On/Off button.

5.2 Setting the setpoint.

5.3 Fan speed.

5.4 Select airflow direction.

5.5 Setting the real-time time.

5.6 Settings to perform tasks at a given time.

5.7 Clothes drying mode.

6. Display.

7. Decorative cover.

8. Pre-filter for coarse cleaning.

9. Fine coal filter.

10. Ionizer.

11. Aromacapsula.

12. condensate level indicator.

13. Condensate tank with handle (5 l.)

14. Handle for carrying the device.

15. Condensate drain hole.

16. Hidden wheels to move the device.

17. Cable holder (brackets).

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