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Heat pump Toshiba ESTIA HWS-P805XWHT6-E/HWS-P805HR-E View larger


Heat pump Toshiba ESTIA HWS-P805XWHT6-E/HWS-P805HR-E


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Additional Features

Cooling - energy efficiency class A++
Heating - energy efficiency class A++
Pipe size liquid/gas 9,52/15,88 mm

Toshiba ESTIA HWS-P805XWHT9-E/HWS-P805HR-E Heat Pump allows you to adapt to different types of receivers, providing water at the required temperature and controlling two different temperature zones

The appliance makes it possible to produce hot water for a farm or dwelling using air as the main source of energy. It is particularly suitable for modernisation of existing facilities and for cold regions

The system maintains its efficiency at negative outside temperatures thanks to the hot gas ejection technology and the incorporation of an improved heat exchanger

The optional room controller allows basic room temperature settings.